Want to be an Official OLIVA Gal Ambassador?
Are you a Bikini enthusiast? Do you love posting swimwear photos on your social media? If the answer is “YES”, you could be the perfect candidate to help represent our OLIVA Gal Ambassador program. We are looking for a diverse group of confident women to help support and promote our brand. Did we mention you get paid?

What we offer our Ambassadors

  • VIP Access to Shop New Products First!
  • 12% Commission on Sales
  • 60 Day Cookie Duration
  • 40% Off Ambassador Discount
  • 15% Off Just for Signing Up!
  • Free Bonus Swimwear for Top Selling Ambassadors
  • Opportunities for Social Media Collaboration
  • Exclusive Giveaways

Apply Now!

How do I become an OLIVA Gal Ambassador?

  1. Create a Refersion portal

Once you have created your ambassador registration, you will need to be approved by a member of our OLIVA team. After your registration has been reviewed and approved, you will be able to access your Refersion portal. Please allow up to 3 business days prior to signing up.
  1. Application approved

After you have been approved, your OLIVA Gal Ambassador dashboard will be activated. Once you have logged into your profile, you will be able to share your discount tracking code with your friends and followers along with a personal URL link. Remember your discount tracking code is the code you make during registration.

How do I promote?

Share with your friends and followers using your personal referral URL link or discount promo code. You can post via Instagram, twitter, facebook, personal website, blog, YouTube  texting etc. The more promoting means the more chances to generate commission. Check out your Refersion portal for extra banners and links to help you create more content.

Do I get free bikinis?

As an OLIVA Gal Ambassador, you will receive 40% off all OLIVA Swimwear. Your friends and followers will receive a separate discount of 20%. The more commission generated the more bikinis! Top commission sale leaders will be rewarded with bonus swimwear!

Commission details

Anytime someone makes a purchase with your Ref URL link or discount tracking code you’ll receive a 12% commission. You have a 60 day cookie duration. This means, if a user comes to the OLIVA site using your Ref URL link or discount tracking code and purchases something within 60 days, you will receive commission for it. Commission will be paid via paypal. Ambassadors will be paid 30 days after purchase sale and when their total commission reaches $50. Commission excludes all tax and shipping costs associated with sale purchases as well as returned items. If a sale is cancelled or refunded, the Ambassador’s commission will be denied.