Meet Oliva Gal: Delanie Giandomenico

We love our amazing community of Oliva Gals! We want to feature YOU in our new blog series. Meet our first Oliva gal: Delanie Giandomenico from Newport Beach, CA.

oliva swim california bikini model

What do you love to do in your free time?

Whenever I have free time, I love to be active and work out! Yoga is one of my favorites and I love running on the beach - getting some sun while staying fit haha

What do you look for in a bikini?
Quality is what I look for most in a bikini - can it stay put while I'm staying active and what does the fabric feel like. I also look for style and options, just like the Nicole top from Oliva. 
Favorite Oliva style?
My favorite Oliva styles would be the Brenna Top and Erica bottoms. They're perfect for an active lifestyle and you don't have to worry about them falling or sliding off in the water!
oliva swimwear model california
What is your dream vacation spot?
My dream vacation would definitely be Bali. The water looks amazing and I would love to explore the island one day!
How are some of your role models?
My favorite role model would be Brit Manuela. She is so sweet and so insanely gorgeous. I’ve followed her from the start and just watching her grow is so awesome! Another model I look up to is Alexis Ren. She is, of course, beautiful but I love her because she’s so raw and doesn’t care what others think and that’s awesome!
oliva swim bikini model california swimwear
You can find Delanie on Instagram HERE. Shop her favorite Oliva styles - The Brenna top and The Erica bottom.