Giving Back to Millikan High School's Fashion Program

Did you know OLIVA Swimwear was created just 3 weeks after our founders graduated college?

But their passion for fashion began long before graduation. While attending Millikan High School in Long Beach, both Danielle and Katie joined the Cheer leading team ran by art teacher Ingrid Palsgrove. Now, Ms. Palsogrove is the teacher of the school's beginner, intermediate, and AP fashion program. Still keeping tight ties to their Alma mater high school, Katie and Danielle love to come in once a semester and teach our future fashion designers what it's like to start a start-up company in the ever competitive world of fashion.

"It's important for us to come back and give real world work experiences to the students here at Millikan. We were given so many opportunities and resources from Millikan, that it played a big part in shaping us to be the young female entrepreneurs that we are today." -Danielle

oliva swimwear founders

Millikan is one of the only public schools in Long Beach to provide this course for students aspiring to work in the fashion industry.

The Millikan Fashion Program is a set of classes providing students with an understanding of the fashion industry, focusing in Careers Technology Education & Visual arts. It addresses the exploration of the creative work of fashion & costume design, while fostering art students’ interests in design-related careers.

millikan high school fashion show

Each year, Millikan also puts on a fashion show and awards young, hard-working designers with scholarships to help further their education in fashion.

As Millikan Alumni, we want to give back to the school that helped shape us as young female entreneurs. Thats's why we are proud to announce that throughout March, OLIVA Swimwear will be donating 10% of our sales to Millikan's California Casual Award in the 2018 fashion show. 

millikan fashion show 2018

Katie and Danielle recently stopped by Millikan to speak to current students about OLIVA, their journey to starting a business and their goals for the future.

millikan high school fashion program 

Oliva California Casual Wear Award: “A look that is grounded in the tawny, golden-edged Malibu of the ’70s, it is the combination of dreamy sexuality and surfer-girl vitality that makes this look so distinct — and distinctly American.  Glamour is in the details here, but on first inspection one might not detect it; It’s in a vintage silk dress that drapes exactly the right; a thin, clean, well-cut cotton tee; a delicate gold ring.  If ever there were a style of dress to which the word “breezy” applied, this is it:  Even at their fanciest, these are clothes that would be right at home at a beach bonfire.”

Thank you to all the amazing teachers at Millikan that encourage students to pursue their dreams in fashion. We can't wait to see what you do in the future!


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